02/19/2020, 17.15
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Election results released after five months, confirm President Ghani’s re-election

The Independent Election Commission has confirmed the results announced in December. Main rival Abdullah Abdullah challenges the outcome again, wants an "inclusive government". Ghani calls for unity to end the civil war.

Kabul (AsiaNews/Agencies) – After five months of waiting, the results of Afghanistan’s elections of September 2019 were released yesterday.

Incumbent President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani took 50.64 per cent of the vote against 39.52 per cent for his main rival, Abdullah Abdullah. Right after the vote, the latter had requested and obtained a recount.

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) confirmed the results of the first count in December which had given the victory to Ghani.

At that time, Abdullah, who is chief executive officer of the state, contested the official results, declared victory, and vowed to form "an all-inclusive government."

The election saw a very low turnout in a country torn by almost 20 years of civil war and almost daily attacks. The official turnout was 1.8 million out of about 9 million eligible voters.

Ghani’s spokesman Daud Sultanzoy told RFE/RL that "the [electoral] system worked well." However, “the pointless delay [in the announcement of the results] due to meaningless interferences put the Afghan people on hold and made them worry”.

A few hours after the final outcome was announced, President Ghani spoke to his supporters at the presidential palace “dedicating this victory of the people”.

Ghani said it was time to “come up with patience both in small and big matters,” to exercise  patience and self-acceptance, not use weapons.

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