05/23/2018, 09.43
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For Moon, US-North Korea summit a 'rare opportunity' that cannot be missed

Confident the summit will go ahead as planned. Pyongyang has not changed its mind, but seeks guarantees for its security. Trump ensures prosperity in the North in the event of an agreement. North Korea accepts South Korean journalists, to witness the destruction of the site.

Washington (AsiaNews / Agencies) - South Korean President Moon Jae-in has no doubts: the summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump will go ahead. Moon was in Washington yesterday, encouraging the American authorities to continue with preparations.

The South Korean president assured that Pyongyang's recent rebel behaviour is not due to a change of mind, but to the need for guarantees for the security of the regime. During the talks, the two presidents reconfirmed the common goal to denuclearise the Korean peninsula, ensure peace and the development of North Korea. Moon is confident about the success of the Kim-Trump summit, and has insisted with the US president not to miss the "rare opportunity" that it represents. The South Korean leader has also said he is sure that the inter-Korean dialogue will resume as soon as the joint "Max Thunder" exercises are completed in two days.

For his part, the US president reiterated the American intention to ensure Kim's security and support the North Korean economy in exchange for a "complete and verifiable denuclearization". However, the White House does not rule out that the summit scheduled for 12 June could be cancelled or postponed.

Today North Korea accepted the list of Seoul journalists appointed to verify the dismantling of the Punggye-ri nuclear site. The eight reporters left this morning on a government flight, reaching the British, Russian, Chinese and US media who arrived yesterday in the city of Wonsan. A special train will bring international journalists to the site, which is expected to be destroyed between now and the next two days.

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