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» 12/05/2013 10:50
Greek orthodox patriarch Youhanna X Yazigi appeals to "conscience" of nun’s kidnappers
by Fady Noun
"We appeal to the international community and to the rulers of the whole world to intervene for the release of the hostages. This abduction , which continues despite all the contacts made, is a flagrant violation of human dignity and path of peace and prayer”. Maronite bishops join call for the liberation of women religious .

Beirut ( AsiaNews) - An appeal to the "conscience" of the kidnappers of the Ma'aloula nuns from the Greek - Orthodox patriarch Youhanna X Yazigi, joined by the Lebanese Maronite bishops , while the Land of the Cedars also asks that Christian and Muslim holy sites in Syria are considered "neutral zones " and that some historical places like Maaloula and Saydnaya be placed under the protection of UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

New voices united to that of Pope Francis for the liberation of the five nuns of the convent of Santa Tecla, seized on Sunday by elements of al- Nousra Brigades , linked to al-Qaeda and , it seems, brought to Yabroud . They are mother Pelagia Sayyaf and four sisters.

"We appeal to the human conscience of all and all people of good will - the words of the patriarch Youhanna X Yazigi - for the liberation of our religious sisters." "We appeal to the conscience which the Creator has endowed all men, including the kidnappers so that our sisters are safely released. We appeal to the international community and to the rulers of the whole world to intervene in favor of the release of the hostages. This abduction, which continues despite all the contacts made, is a flagrant violation of human dignity and the path of peace and prayer in Syria and throughout the Mashreq ( the Arab East , ed) . " The patriarch also calls for the release "of our orphans ," but in reality they were moved from Maaloula some time ago.


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