10/20/2007, 00.00
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Hu Deping, class-mate of Hu Jintao: The country needs “a democratic political system”

The son of the former CP secretary, Hu Yaobang, protests the Congress where delegates are limited to repeating the Official line. His father was President Hu Jintao’s mentor but was disgraced for having been too “tolerant” towards the 1986 student’s protest.

Beijing (AsiaNews/Agencies) – “I'm completely for a democratic political system. Currently, our country is still under the leadership of the Communist Party.  We still need a democratic political system”. This outburst belongs to Hu Deping, vice-chairman of the party's United Front Work Department and son of the former CP secretary Hu Yaobang, who sees the congresses working session approach its conclusion without even one single debate on the promised reforms.

Hu adds; “People should be free to express opinions and protect their interests”

The Congress had been presented as a chance for a serious reflection on the national political system. Although the word "democracy" was used more than 60 times in President Hu Jintao's 2 and a half hour speech on Monday at the opening of the five-yearly congress, analysts say he has no intention of sharing power beyond the party. During group discussions - some of which have been open to the press in an effort at increased transparency - almost all delegates have parroted the official line, heaping praise on the party chief's "intra-party democracy" policy.

Hu Deping was a classmate of Hu Jintao during the ’80’s in the Communist Part’s central school, and it is said that it wash e who signalled the future Party Head to his father, Hu Yaobang, then CP general secretary.  Hu Yaobang was forced to design in 1987 by Deng Xiaoping because he was considered to have been tolerant towards the student protests of 1986 in favour of greater freedom of speech.  After his death on April 15th 1989, due to a heart attack, people observed a period of public mourning, in protest at the lack of any recognition by the CP. In Beijing this was centred on the Monument to the People’s Heroes in . The mourning became a public conduit for anger against perceived nepotism in the government and eventually escalated into theTiananmen Square protests of 1989 . After his named had been banned for years in November 2005 Hu Jintao held official celebrations to mark the 90th anniversary of his mentor’s birth, but on a small scale for fear of public protests.



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