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Internet’s first victories over "princes" of Communist power

In recent weeks the cyber users in China, increasingly engaged in denouncing abuses and distortions of the system of national power, fought and won even against prevailing nepotism in the Communist Party: at least 4 cases of "hereditary power" were discovered and defeated via the internet .

Beijing (AsiaNews) - A "prince" of the wealthy southern province of Guangdong has been removed from his post and returned to the rank of government clerk after a group of internet users questioned his rapid rise to power. Jiang Zhongyong, 29 year-old son of the vice president of the local Chinese Political Consultative Conference (CCPC) was degraded by the central authorities after a number of complaints posted on the web called his appointment into question.

Jiang joined the government of the municipality of Paotai in March 2007 as a clerk. After just four months he was promoted to vice president of the Communist Youth League of the area. In November 2011, when his father retired and entered the CCPC (consultative body, but of great influence), his son gets a new job: county vice president at just 27.

The virtual community balked at the decision and began to demand  justice from national leaders: according to the internal regulations, in fact, the jump between clerk and executive requires at least 3 years of service. The campaign achieved its result, and the Party removed Jiang announcing that "all those who violate the codes of conduct will be punished."

The internet's electronic control of China's political and social scene seems to be growing in power. While there are increasing cases of medical malpractice and civil persecution reported by the network - especially through Weibo, the most popular microblogging site in the country - these days there's also other victories against the system of patronage and nepotism in the ruling Communist Party. 3 cases, all in the province of Hunan, were in fact discovered and reported by cyber users.

On 10 May, the portal Chengdu.cn denounced the ties of kinship between Wang Fang - 29 years and secretary of the Youth League of Leiyang - and you Qiusheng, former head of the local propaganda who is his father. Again in Leiyang Wang Qing, 31 (pictured), was appointed vice mayor without having the necessary credentials for the role: instead she has influential relatives.

Finally there is the case of Xu Tao, 27, who was appointed vice president of Xiangtan County without having the right qualifications. His father is the former head of the People's Congress of the district of Yuhu, while his mother is the deputy director of the Office of the Prosecutor of the same district. The young man was promoted 7 times in 5 years after his graduation, but was forced to resign after the online denunciation.


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