08/28/2014, 00.00
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Islamic militants carry out attack in Lebanon and the Golan

Overnight, the Lebanese army repelled Islamist groups from Arsal. Yesterday, Al Nusra seized a border crossing with Israel.

Beirut (AsiaNews/Agencies) - The Lebanese army repelled an attack by jihadists against the Wadi Hmeid base, in north-eastern Lebanon, near Arsal. Clashes took place overnight, leaving several militants wounded.

For now, it is unclear whether Islamists were part of Al Nusra, a group linked to Al Qaeda that is fighting Assad in Syria, or the Islamic Army.

Clashes between the army and Al Nusra took place on 2 August after the military arrested a leader of the group.

Through the mediation of some Muslim scholars, a ceasefire was reached but jihadists took some soldiers as hostages.

Syria's (now internationalised) civil war is putting a strain on Mideast borders elsewhere as well.

Yesterday, rebels from the anti-Syrian Al Nusra seized control of Quneitra crossing on the Golan Heights, on the border with Israel.

Clashes between Syrian soldiers and rebels left an Israeli officer wounded.

Israel sealed off the border and its leaders said they are ready to face any "development", although so far there has been no "increased threat" to Israel.


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