07/13/2010, 00.00
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Landslides, floods and rains, more victims in Sichuan and Yunnan

Six people died in Luzhou; seven in Gauze, three in Yunnan, but there are 50 missing. Work continues to clear the Mian Quan dam (Qinghai) that threatens to overflow. At the risk the Qinghai-Tibet railway and the homes of 205 thousand people.

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Floods and landslides continue to cause victims in southwest China, while the bad weather and the rain continues unabated.

Six people died and one is buried under the mud due to a landslide this morning in Luzhou, Xuyong County, Sichuan.

In the Tibetan prefecture of Gauze also in Sichuan, because of torrential rains and a landslide this morning, seven people died and one is missing.

In Xiaohe, Yunnan, a landslide today killed three people, but there are 50 more still missing. A press release from the provincial government says there are also 11 wounded, including two in very serious condition.

Meanwhile, the situation of the Mian Quan dam, Qinghai, is increasingly dramatic. Last week’s rains have raised the water level to over a meter above the alert level. The water is three times normal capacity and there is a danger of overflowing, with the risk of submerging entire neighbourhoods up to a full three meters, hitting the Qinghai-Tibet railway, power plants and 205 thousand people

At least 10 thousand residents of Golmud, near the dam have been evacuated to emergency camps, while workers and soldiers are working to build a drainage channel to reduce the water level in the basin.


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