05/22/2018, 09.27
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Putin-Modi meeting: agreement for a 'multipolar global order'

The two leaders met yesterday in Sochi, on the Black Sea. The historical bonds of friendship between Russia and India reaffirmed. Importance of bringing peace back to Afghanistan and eliminating the threat of terrorism.

Sochi (AsiaNews / Agencies) - A "multipolar global order" in which Russia and India are the balance of the relationship with other superpowers. This is the agreement reached yesterday in the informal meeting between the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Indian Premier Narendra Modi.

The two met in Sochi on the Black Sea in a meeting marked by great gestures of friendship. After reaffirming the long-standing relationship that characterizes the two countries (and the two leaders), they decided to strengthen their collaboration in strategic sectors such as defence, arms and the fight against terrorism.

Both leaders expressed their concerns about Islamic terrorism and radicalization and repeated the determination to fight them in all their manifestations. In this regard, they stressed the importance of restoring peace and stability in Afghanistan in a context free from the threat of fundamentalism. Then they decided to intensify consultations and mutual coordination, including those in the Indian-Pacific region.

Russia is traditionally the largest defence and security technology provider for India. The volume of trade reaches 63% of Delhi’s total imports. Among the various forms of economic agreement signed between the two leaders are: the proposal for new air defence technology and the rental of a submarine with nuclear warheads, for a value of 12 billion dollars; the granting of building a second Russian nuclear power plant on Indian soil; the strengthening of the Indian commitment in the port of Chabahar (in Iran) and in the completion of the International North-South Transport Corridor through Iran.

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