02/21/2017, 15.55
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Taizé meeting for youth in Jambi to learn the true love of Jesus in their lives

by Mathias Hariyadi

Kristopel House in Jambi held a meeting to strengthen Catholic morality and raise awareness of the true love of Jesus. About 250 young people from many parishes in the province took part in the event. Fr Christopher Wahyu Triharyardi told AsiaNews that spiritually participants were made aware of the real presence of God as well as love for family and neighbours in everyday life.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Kristopel House is a newly-built pastoral centre in Jambi province that belongs to the Archdiocese of Palembang.

At the facility, some priests from the Sacred Heart of Jesus have been tasked with educating local Catholics. including young people, and organising activities to teach them about the true meaning of the love of Jesus.

About 250 young Catholics from different Jambi parishes met at the St Theresia parish in central Jambi for a Taizé prayer and seminar on the topic of ‘Wonderful Love’ and how to practice it. Many young people joined the prayer as did the Loresa school.

Arnisah, a participant from Simpang Rambutan said, "I am very happy to have found a new way of praying, singing and saying 'ohm'."

According to Andre Ujan, from the organising committee, preparations for the event began in November 2016.

Fr Christopher Wahyu Triharyardi, mentor at the pastoral centre, said that the main purpose of the gathering was to fortify morality among young Catholics and raise awareness on the true love of Jesus.

The meeting "took place in an atmosphere of reflection according to the Taizé method,” said the clergyman. “This way, participants could feel God's love in their lives."

The priest told AsiaNews that spiritually participants were made aware of the real presence of God as well as love of family and neighbour in everyday life.

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