09/03/2010, 00.00

Tokyo imposes new sanctions on Iran, but without renouncing oil imports

The measures were approved today and provide for the freezing of assets of 88 entities linked to Iran's nuclear program. All investment in the oil sector of the Islamic republic also suspended. But Japan remains the largest importer of Iranian crude.

Tokyo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Japan has imposed new economic sanctions on Iran after the UN request to tighten restrictions against the regime in Tehran, especially in terms of the financial sector, to counter Iran's nuclear program that began in late August .

The measures were approved today by the Office of the Prime Minister Naoto Kan. They will freeze assets owned by 88 entities, 15 banks and 24 individuals linked to Tehran's nuclear program. Earlier, Tokyo had already frozen the assets of 75 companies and 41 individuals.

Tokyo has also decided to suspend all investment in the Islamic republic’s oil sector, but for the moment the sanctions do not affect oil supplies and Japan remains the largest importer of Iranian crude. Tokyo is following the path of the United States and the European Union which approved a new set of restrictions in June in view of the activation of Bushehr nuclear plant.

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