10/17/2018, 10.07
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UN: ‘Future’ gold medal for Sikkim, the first 100% organic state

The "Future Policy" award is given to policies that "create better conditions for present and future generations". Agro-ecology has increased farmers' earnings and tourism.

New Delhi (AsiaNews / Agencies) - More than 66,000 farmers helped tourism ; increased by 50% between 201 and 2017; improved living conditions. These are the reasons why the Indian state of Sikkim, the first 100% biological state in the world, won the 2018 gold medal for "policies that look to the future".

This is the "Future Policy" award, given each year by the United Nations for political initiatives that "create better conditions for present and future generations".

In 2016, the small state on the Himalayas chain was declared "totally organic", after local governments decided to focus on organic farming by eliminating chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Maria-Helena Semedo, FAO's deputy general manager, co-sponsor of the award, said that Sikkim's example shows that biological "is no longer an unrealizable dream, but a reality".

In the past, the award was given to policies that have contributed to combating the phenomena of desertification, violence against women, nuclear weapons and pollution of the oceans. This year's edition focused on the use of sustainable agricultural techniques, such as recycling crop residues as compost, planting trees on farms and rotating crops to improve soil and protect it from pests. According to supporters of these techniques, agro-ecology could increase farmers' earnings, make farms more resistant to climate change such as irregular rainfall and extensive droughts that impede food production.

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