11/23/2019, 09.34
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United States 'stealing' Syria's oil. Damascus announces 'popular resistance'

by Pierre Balanian

Since last June, the exploitation of oil wells in the Kurdish area - controlled by US military - has been granted to an Israeli company.  Washington aims to deprive the Syrian government of a valuable financial resource.  Meanwhile, Turkey is implementing a demographic change in the occupied area of ​​the north-east.



Damascus (AsiaNews) - Popular discontent is growing in Syria towards the United States, after it openly admitted that its sights are set on Syrian crude.  In full violation of international law, US military tanks occupy the eastern part of Syria and are in an area that contains two thirds of Syrian oil reserves estimated at over 2.5 billion barrels.  American forces, which withdrew on the eve of the Turkish invasion in the north of the country, kept troops around the oil wells of Al Omar, Tank, Giaffra and Koniko, under the control of the Kurd SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), Washington allies.

To extract and market black gold, the Syrian Kurds did not wait for the arrival of US oil companies suggested by President Trump.  Last June, Elham Ahmad, President of the Combined Democratic Council of Syria, in exchange for $ 10 million a month, signed a contract with the Israeli International Development Company, which immediately began drilling and quarrying.

Many sources, especially Russian and Israeli, confirm the agreement on the extraction of Syrian oil by an Israeli company.  Despite this, Damascus has never officially reacted with any denial.  The Syrian Kurds have officially denied what was widely documented by the intelligence services.

Evidence of the transportation and illegal sale of the Syrian oil has been provided several times by the Russian government that "accuses the United States of illegal robbery of Syrian oil guaranteed by the American military presence".

Local analysts believe that the Syrian oil theft guaranteed with the presence of 600 American soldiers, aims to deprive the Syrian government of a precious financial resource, necessary to rebuild the country and prevent Damascus from recovering its sovereignty.  Damascus held hostage is forced to import its energy needs from foreign countries.

In a recent interview with Russia 24, Syrian President Bashar Assad warned Washington that the illegal presence of US occupation troops in Syria will generate armed resistance against the occupier.  For everyone this option is only a matter of time not only against the Americans, but also against the Turks who continue to implement a demographic change in the areas they control.  In Syria it is said that Turkey is repeating what has already happened in the province of Iskenderun (Alessandretta) donated by the French colonialism to Ataturk's Turkey, where the Turks imposed a demographic change at the expense of Arab minorities, losers in the referendum results for the  secession from Syria (1939).  Up to the present day, Syria does not recognize the Gulf of Alessandretta as a Turkish territory, but considers it an occupied territory to be freed, like the Golan Heights.

For now, the missile launch exchange in the Syrian Northeast takes place mainly between the Kurds and Turkish troops, another army illegaly occupying Syria.  Three days ago the Turkish air force targeted a civilian car at Tell Abiad bombing it and causing the death of the two people on board.  Meanwhile, armed clashes between Kurds and militias armed by the Turks continue in Ain Issa in the hinterland of Raqqa.

Analyzing what is happening on the ground, it is clear that Damascus now concentrates its forces and energies rather on the liberation of Idlib, the area with the largest concentration of extremist Islamic terrorists and mercenaries in the world.

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