04/16/2021, 13.26
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Appeal to Patriarch Kirill to save Naval'nyj. His supporters arrested

by Vladimir Rozanskij

The appeal is contained in an open letter from activist Zoja Svetova. Putin’s chief nemesis has been on hunger strike for 15 days and has lost 10 kg. His request for a copy of the Koran and the Torah rejected. The contempt of Ramzan Kadyrov, the Islamic Chechen leader, friend of Putin. The headquarters were searched and the publication of the Internet magazine Doxa blocked. The fight against a probable victory of the "navalnists" in the parliamentary elections.

Moscow (AsiaNews) - Moscow Patriarch Kirill (Gundjaev) is being asked to intercede in favour of Alexei Naval’ny, so that he may be granted qualified medical treatment. This is the appeal contained in an open letter from Zoja Svetova (daughter of the anti-Soviet dissident Zoja Krakhmal'nikova), a well-known human rights activist and columnist with MBK media.

Putin's opponent has been on a hunger strike for 15 days, after which he has lost over 10 kilos, and his physical condition is weakened.

In the appeal, Svetova asks Kirill: "Did you hear that a few kilometres from Moscow, in the town of Pokrov, the Christian Alexei Navalnyj has been on hunger strike for two weeks already? (...) He also suffers from the consequences of poisoning, and it is not necessary to be a doctor to understand that Alexei is in grave risk for his life ... We invoke your mercy; the director of the concentration camp does not listen to us, but he could listen to your Holiness”.

Navalny also asked to be able to read the copy of the Koran he brought to the concentration camp, but he was denied (his books are subjected to verification for "extremism"), and for this he would have appealed against the prison directors.

The governor of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, of Islamic faith and very close to Putin, in turn addressed the heads of the Pokrov colony no. 2, asking them not to give the book of the Prophet "to the Islamophobic politician, who would use the Koran for his political aims, using quotes as provocations”.

The Chechen leader accused Navalnyj of being "an enemy and a traitor who sold out his homeland ... we have seen many of these troublemakers for sale, who have no moral principles and respect for culture and religion, who wear the mask of sincerity and purity, we know their methods of sabotage”.

Together with the Koran, Naval'nyj would have made requests for copies of other sacred books belonging to him, or ordered for him in the bookstore by his friends, including the Jewish Torah and the Talmud. The representatives of the Jewish community, unlike the Muslims, declared that "they are not worried at all if Naval'nyj is interested in the Jewish tradition ... in the last year we have published over 100,000 copies of the Torah, I believe it is a text that may be of interest anyone,” said the head of public relations of the Russian Federation of Jewish Communities, Borukh Gorin.

Meanwhile, searches, restrictions and arrests of members of regional support groups for Navalnyj continue across the country. The deputy head of the "Alliance of doctors" association, Sergej Rybakov, was also arrested near the concentration camp where he is being held. He insisted on meeting the medical staff of the Pokrov camp. Together with him, 9 other people were arrested, and surveillance in the vicinity of the concentration camp increased, to avoid the influx of sympathizers of the detained blogger.

On April 14, the homes of several university students, who participated in the editing of the online Doxa magazine, were searched. The magazine is the work of a student collective of the prestigious Moscow Higher School of Economics, and it is attended by students from various other institutes, not only from the capital.

The editorial office of the magazine was also raided, and that same evening its activities were blocked, imposing various restrictions and house arrest on the young journalists, also accused of being connected to Leonid Volkov, the coordinator of the Naval'nyj groups. The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, justified the police action, on the grounds that the magazine "did not talk about student issues".

According to many observers, the fear of the Kremlin continues to be linked to the electoral campaigns in progress, trying in every way to prevent navalnists, as the sympathizers and activists linked to the blogger are now called, from connecting to non-Putinian parties in a systematic way.

According to the publicist Marina Šapovalova, "the useful vote strategy becomes more dangerous in parliamentary elections, where individual administrators are not elected, but a broader policy is outlined and categories of citizens are highlighted, who could oppose the ideological line of those who commands ".

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