10/10/2022, 14.03
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Beijing, 7th Plenum: the Communist Party prepares the field for Xi's new mandate

by Li Qiang

The 20th CCP Congress, which will renew the top leadership, opens on October 16th. Infighting between the Party's different souls. The leadership should have already found a compromise. National economy at 40 year low: Xi probably had to negotiate with his opponents

Beijing (AsiaNews) - The 19th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) met yesterday for its seventh plenary session. The appearance is that of an "orderly" eve of the 20th Party Congress, which will open on 16 October and renew the regime's decision-making bodies for the next five years.

The signs are all for the recognition of a new five-year term (and perhaps more) for the General Secretary of the CCP and President of the country Xi Jinping. This would be a change to the rule of two five-year terms in power for the supreme leader.

Xi presented a report on his work over the past five years to the 370 or so members of the Central Committee,. Wan Huning, member of the Politburo Standing Committee and chief ideologue of the CCP, on the other hand, outlined a draft revision of the Party statute that should further elevate Xi's position and consolidate his political legacy.

That the chips are down for Xi can be deduced from a few clues typical of the Chinese regime. State media continue to give ample space to the president, extolling his thoughts, positions and political philosophies. This means that the Party's top leaders already know to a large extent what the new formation of the Political Bureau (Politburo, with 25 members) and its Standing Committee, the real decision-making body in China, consisting of seven members (number may change), will look like.

The Congress will also produce the new leadership of the Central Military Commission, the Party Secretariat, the State Council (government) and the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

Local sources familiar with the Party's internal dynamics told AsiaNews that the infighting has been fierce. Despite this, the leadership acted to find a balanced solution that would not damage the public image of the CCP.

Paradoxically, Xi is about to reach levels of power previously only held by Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping when the Chinese economy is in its worst condition in 40 years, since Deng himself initiated the 'reform and opening-up' process. This fact may have weakened the General Secretary, forcing him to compromise with his internal opponents, especially Premier Li Keqiang.

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