12/19/2017, 09.33
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Narendra Modi’s BJP wins in Gujarat by a handful of votes

The Hindu nationalist party gains 99 seats out of 182, while the Congress Party wins 77. In the same round of voting also the Himachal Pradesh, where the nationalists triumph. Gujarat is most important electoral state. Now the BJP rules in 19 states out of 29.

New Delhi (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party has won the elections in the Indian state of Gujarat. The counting of the ballot papers ended yesterday. The Hindu nationalists took 99 seats out of a total of 182, against the Congress Party of Rahul Gandhi that won 77. Despite electoral polls indicating otherwise, the Prime Minister's party got the majority of the State Assembly with a minimum amount of votes.

The elections in Gujarat took place between December 9 and 14. In the same session the State of Himalachal Pradesh also voted, with the BJP winning 44 seats out of 68 and Congress 21. 68% of eligible voters turned out in Gujarat and 74% in Himachal Pradesh.

The victory in the two states marks a significant step for national politics. To date, the Hindu nationalist party governs 19 state assemblies out of 29. According to experts, this margin could greatly benefit Modi's candidacy for the general elections scheduled for 2019.

The State of Gujarat is considered a sort of political showcase for the premier himself, who was chief minister here from 2001 to 2014. For this reason, he was personally involved in the electoral campaign, taking part in over 30 rallies. For many, losing "his" state would have meant "losing face".

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