04/26/2020, 12.44
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Pope: As in Emmaus, choose God’s path, not that of the self; the path of yes, not that of ifs

Before the Regina Caeli, broadcast from the Vatican library, Pope Francis comments on the episode of the two disciples of Emmaus, their "outbound journey", in sadness; the "return journey" in joy for their encounter with the Risen Lord. "Open your heart to Jesus, entrust to him the burdens, the labors, the disappointments of life", "take the Gospel in hand"; "Pray to Jesus". United Nations World Malaria Day. Read a passage from the Bible every day. The Letter and prayers to the faithful for the Month of May.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "May we choose the path of God, not that of the self; the path of yes, not that of ifs. Doing so, we will discover that nothing is unexpected, there is no climb, there is no night that we cannot face with Jesus," was the conclusion that Pope Francis drew today, commenting on the Gospel of the third Sunday of Easter (year A, Luke 24, 13-35), which recounts the episode of the disciples of Emmaus.

At the Sunday appointment from the Vatican library, before praying the Regina Caeli, the pontiff described "the outbound journey of the disciples ..., sad for the epilogue of the story of Jesus", and their "return", to announce to the disciples the meeting with the Risen Lord: “Two journeys: one easy during the day and the other tiring at night. Yet the first occurs in sadness, the second in joy. In the first there is the Lord who walks by their side, but they do not recognize Him; in the second they no longer see Him, but feel Him near. In the first they are discouraged and hopeless; in the second, they rush to bring to others the good news of the encounter with the Risen Jesus."

We too today, he continued, "have two opposite directions ahead: there is the path of those who, like those two on the outbound journey, let themselves be paralyzed by the disappointments of life and travel sadly; and there is the way of those who do not put themselves and their problems first, but Jesus who visits us, and the brothers who await His visit. Here is the turning point: stop orbiting around yourself, the delusions of the past, unrealized dreams, and go on looking at the bigger and truer reality of life: Jesus is alive and loves me. The reversal is this: to move from thoughts about myself to the reality of my God; move - with another play on words - from 'if' to 'yes' ... From complaining to joy and peace "

"This change of pace, from I to God, from if to yes, how did it happen? Encountering Jesus: the two of Emmaus first open their hearts to him; then they hear him explain the scriptures; so they invite him home. There are three steps that we can also take in our homes: first, open our heart to Jesus, entrust to him the burdens, the labors, the disappointments of life; second, listen to Jesus, take the Gospel in hand, read this passage today, in chapter twentyfour of Luke's Gospel; third, pray to Jesus, in the same words as those disciples: "Lord," stay with us "(v. 29): with all of us, because we need you to find the way". And without you there is the night."

After the Marian prayer, Francis recalled that the United Nations World Day against malaria was celebrated yesterday. "While we are fighting the coronavirus pandemic - he said - we must also continue our efforts to prevent and treat malaria, which threatens billions of people in many countries. I am close to all the sick, to those who care for them, and to those who work so that every person has access to good basic health services ".

Recalling that the "National Reading of Sacred Scripture" is being celebrated in Poland today, he urged "as I have done other times" people to read some passages from the Bible every day, carrying a copy of the holy book at all times.

Before concluding, he stressed again the value of the Month of May, dedicated to Marian devotion and prayer of the rosary. “In a few days - he explained - the month of May will begin, especially dedicated to the Virgin Mary. With a short letter - published yesterday - I invited all the faithful to pray the holy Rosary this month, together with two prayers that I made available to all. Our Mother will help us to face the trial time we are going through with more faith and hope".

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