05/14/2022, 09.09
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Pyongyang: deaths from 'fever' rise to 21

Today's headlines: yet another fire in New Delhi, art thieves arrested in Hong Kong, more deaths from paediatric hepatitis in Indonesia, Sri Lanka's new premier says the economic crisis will get worse before it gets better, in Russia over a million people suffer from Aids, Kazakhstan has a new political party.



The official death toll from covid-19 in North Korea has risen: two days after announcing a national lockdown, 21 deaths from 'fever' and 174,440 infections were reported today. The country's leader Kim Jong-Un said he was inspired by the Chinese model of pandemic prevention. North Korea has refused all vaccine supplies for the past two years.


At least 27 people were killed and dozens injured in a fire that broke out in New Delhi yesterday. A four-storey commercial building caught fire in the late afternoon; the causes have not yet been clarified. Fires in India are frequent, but the heat waves of this period make it difficult to extinguish them.


Three people were jailed for stealing valuable works of art in 2020, including a scroll written by former Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong. The thieves, unaware of what they had stolen, sold the scroll to a collector for about 25 dollars: its value was estimated at 300 million.


Sri Lanka's new prime minister said in an interview with the BBC that the country's economic situation will get worse before it gets better. Ranil Wickremesinghe was appointed prime minister by President Rajapaksa in an attempt to defuse the protests against the government and the cost of living. Wickremesinghe promised to change all government policies and asked the international community for help.


Four more children died of hepatitis in Indonesia, bringing the total death toll to seven. Around 200 cases of this paediatric hepatitis have been reported worldwide. Liver transplants were required in some cases.


Turks accuse refugees of being the cause of the economic crisis in the country: according to polls, the majority of the population wants the Syrians - almost 4 million in Turkey - to leave. They are held responsible for rising rents and the collapse of the lira. Some politicians are using the situation to their advantage.


Russia is one of the main countries in Europe for the spread of Aids, according to research by the 'Need Help' Foundation,  which reports 57% of all European cases in 2020 will be in Russia. By the end of 2021, 1.1 million Russians were struggling with HIV infection.


The unregistered organisation 'Nagyz atažurt eriktileri', which defends the rights of ethnic Kazakh citizens in Chinese Xinjiang, has decided to form an official political party in Kazakhstan. 

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