02/03/2020, 13.48
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Rabbi Milgrom: Abu Mazen's break with Israel (and the USA) reaction to injustice

The PA president cuts all ties with Netanyahu and Trump. And he warns: "I  will not sell Jerusalem." NGO leader Rabbis for Human Rights attacks Trump's "deal of the century", which is "against the Palestinians". The goal is "to maintain control, without guaranteeing justice". Palestinian Catholic: "inevitable" decision.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews) - The Israeli-Palestinian peace plan presented by US President Donald Trump last week "is against the Palestinians" and the decision by leader Abu Mazen to cut all ties with the US and Israel is "a logical reaction to all this ".

This is what Jeremy Milgrom, Israeli rabbi and member of the NGO ‘Rabbis for Human Rights’, points out to AsiaNews, according to which the project plans to transform the Palestinian authority "into a vassal of Israel, as was the case" in the past in South Africa for the population of color". The goal, he adds, is "to maintain control" without guaranteeing "justice".

"In these days - continues Milgrom – there is a cartoon circulating in Israel that gives an idea of ​​the situation: Abu Mazen and Benjamin Netanyahu who compete in a boxing ring, with Trump refereeing the match. Instead of observing, the US president is the first to hit the Palestinian leader." Here, he adds, "this image gives a good idea of ​​what is happening".

Over the weekend, Palestinian President Abu Mazen announced the "breakdown of all relations", including those relating to security, with Israel and the United States.

The decision is in reaction to the project presented last week by the US administration to regulate the ten-year Israeli-Palestinian conflict; it, according to the Palestinian leadership, violated "international agreements, including those that led to the birth of the State of Israel".

"I will never accept - the Palestinian leader declared - the annexation of Jerusalem and I do not want to go down in history as the one who sold" the holy city. He then confirmed opposition to the role of the United States as "the only mediator at the negotiating table". According to the plan, he should accept a fragmented state, incorporated by Israel (except Gaza and the border with Egypt), demilitarized and without the recognition of East Jerusalem as a capital.

Sending the message to Prime Minister Netanyahu, the PA President stressed that "it will have repercussions on both sides of the conflict and the entire region" and asked Israel to take "responsibilities as an occupying power". Abu Mazen added that Palestinians have every right to continue their legitimate struggle with peaceful means to end the occupation. "

The president of the PA said he will present his own initiative, an "alternative plan" for peace, during a speech he will hold on February 11 at the UN Security Council. A number of Catholic leaders of the Holy Land had also spoken in the past few days about the so-called "Agreement of the century", the peace plan drawn up by the White House and welcomed by Israel with enthusiasm, according to which it will be the source of "more bloodshed" and tensions.

Jeremy Milgrom, among the advocates of interreligious dialogue, believes that "Netanyahu and Trump are marginalizing the Palestinians, taking the land" and leaving them only crumbs, making "two-state solution impossible".

He concludes that the fear is these decisions will “trigger a reaction from the Palestinian resistance, which in turn will be a justification for further Israeli repression, in an endless circle of violence. All four weeks after the elections in Israel, "with Netanyahu pushing the propaganda pedal" to impress public opinion. "

Abu Mazen's decision was "inevitable" for Bernard Sabella, Fatah's representative for Jerusalem and executive secretary of the Palestinian Refugee Service of the Council of Churches of the Middle East.

"We Palestinians - he says - are telling the world, we are telling the world to end all this and if you don't listen to us, there will be no solution. Abbas had no other options, if not to tell the world to intervene because they are no longer able to relate to Israel and the US ".

If the Israeli-American project "puts aside the UN and all the plans of the past", there can be no "agreements. Let's see what will happen from here to the vote in Israel".

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