New churches built to destroy even more

Government reinstates former General Sarath Fonseka
His military grades and civil rights are restored, including the ability to stand in elections, the general was ousted by former President Rajapaksa. After receiving the amnesty, the former army chief says: "The most cruel leader of this country has tried to uproot me from history. I am ready to work for Sri Lanka and for the people."
Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur: Ruling on the word 'Allah' threatens religious freedom
Msgr. Julian Leow stresses that the verdict has "opened up a Pandora's box." The prelate fears a "progressive reduction of minority rights" and "increasing interference in the religious sphere." Fr. Lawrence, director of the Herald, hopes that "minority rights are not trampled on". Another decision handed down today against Christians in a story similar to that of the Catholic newspaper.