Hegazi case:Islam's obsessionwith conversions

Hegazi Case: Islamic and Christian proselytising
Mohammad Ahmad Hegazi, the young Egyptian man who converted to Christianity and wants his conversion recognised in law, could be put to death for apostasy. This is one way for the Muslim world to protect itself against conversions; another one is through laws that exalt Muslim propaganda but ban that by other religions. In Egypt about 10,000 Christians become Muslim every year but rarely for religious reasons. However, Islam is sick from the lack of spirituality and the reduction of religion to its ethnic, sociological and political element. Here is the second part of an analysis by Fr Samir Khalil Samir, an Egyptian Jesuit and Islam expert.
Hegazi case: Islam’s obsession with conversions
The case of Mohammad Hegazi, young Egyptian converted to Christianity, who wishes to be legally recognized as such, has opened a new debate in the Islamic world on conversions, which are often seen as acts of apostasy that merit death. What has emerged is a veritable obsession in Islam for personal conversions, this religion having been reduced more to an ethnic and sociological submission. There is even talk of a plan to convert Europe and the world to Islam, to which European governments are giving a hand. The first part in an analysis by Fr Samir Khalil Samir, Egyptian Jesuit, expert on Islam.