AsiaNews Symposium 2018: Young people who resist

17/10/2018 ASIA-VATICAN
AsiaNews Symposium 2018: 'accompany' young people who resist (Video)

The conference aims to be a contribution to the Synod on young people taking place in the Vatican. Testimonies from Iraq, China, Cambodia, Brazil, Hong Kong. Direct experiences of missionaries who "put themselves alongside" the sufferings, difficulties and joys of the new generations, not content with merely studying them.

2018 AsiaNews Symposium: Housing in Hong Kong and the Way of the Cross in China

A Salesian educator talks about his interactions with young people in the metropolis and with students from mainland China. Expressing love for Christ through witnesses and fellow Christians is urgent. The maturing of the faith in young people is delayed by making compromises with those who hold economic and political power.

2018 AsiaNews Symposium: Fr Marcelo on restless youth, looking for answers from 'credible witnesses'

A PIME missionary speaks, with his own vocation as an example, about today’s young people, who go beyond speeches and seek human relationships built on trust. “What convinced me were not so many good speeches, what convinced me were credible men, men whose life spoke of the Gospel”.

16/10/2018 IRAQ - VATICAN
AsiaNews Symposium 2018: Fr. Paolo Thabet Mekko, rebuilding with the youth of the Nineveh Plain

The testimony of a Chaldean priest, the first to return to the Nineveh Plain, after the defeat and the expulsion of the Islamic State. The experience among the Mosul refugees in Kurdistan, in need of everything. The return to the Plain, where churches, houses and shops are rebuilt and the foundations of coexistence between Christians and Muslims for a new Iraq are laid.

2018 AsiaNews Symposium: Young people’s leading role in Cambodia’s Church and society

“Cambodia is at a critical juncture. In the past few years, it has been moving into the modern world from a predominantly rural society that existed for thousands of years.” “Always having the Lord beside us and walking with him gives them [young people] a lot of strength, the light to make the choices they have to make and courage in carrying them forward.”

16/10/2018 VATICAN-ASIA
AsiaNews Symposium 2018: Young people who resist

The gathering held today will hear testimonies from Iraq, China, Cambodia, Brazil, and Hong Kong. A contribution to the Synod on Youth taking place in the Vatican. Overcoming a sociological and political view of the world of young people. Faith in Jesus Christ and the company of adult missionaries a path to exalt the qualities of young people and lead them to become builders of a new society.

16/10/2018 CHINA-VATICAN
AsiaNews Symposium: Young Catholics in China, suffocated by work and study in an atheist society

In his intervention at the Symposium - and a contribution to the Synod on Youth - a priest from central China paints the picture of evangelizing young people in China: the urbanization of migrants, who distance themselves from the faith; rural churches that are empty; the "confusion" city life Parents are true catechists.