China - Europe: Europe learns from Pope on how to deal with China

13/01/2015 IRAQ
Yazidi refugees at risk of genocide
Hassan, 15, has lost his entire family. Women have been sold or used as prostitutes; young women married off to Islamic state fighters and forcibly impregnated by them. Some 10,000 Yazidis are still besieged on Mount Sinjar. During his visit with Pope Francis, the Yazidi leader called the pontiff the "father of the poor". Christians and Yazidis are equally helped. The coalition is still slow in helping the recapture of ISIS's seized territory. Winter in the camps is full of misery.
13/01/2015 SRI LANKA - VATICAN
Pope in Sri Lanka: A visit to reconcile differences
Pope Francis has arrived in Colombo, welcomed by dances, elephants and children's choirs, together with military honors. A country still marked by the consequences of the civil war, which has claimed more than 60 thousand lives. "Pursuing the truth" about the horrors of war not "to open old wounds," but "for their healing." Openness and joint efforts among members of different religions. Economic development that cares about human dignity, without excluding anyone. The new president Maithripala Sirisena wants to work for "peace and reconciliation" of his people.
13/01/2015 MALAYSIA - ISLAM
Activist who accused Malaysian Islamic Department of extremism is charged and arrested
Lawyer Eric Paulsen is detained for criticising Jakim, a federal Islamic agency, for its attacks against Christians. Charges against him include "sedition" and "insulting Islam." The case stems from pressures by political leaders, and, for his legal team, it is a blatant "abuse of power."
13/01/2015 RUSSIA
Fall in oil and ruble, prices in Russia spark "political battle"
In 2015 inflation will hit double digits for the first time in seven years. Sanctions, fall in oil prices and the ruble devaluation affect consumer prices, which become the main topic among Russians, overcoming the Ukrainian crisis. The Kremlin orders the judiciary to monitor prices and payments of salaries, while the Communists want to prices of some products fixed, against all the rules of the free market.