A bishop facing BeigingHong Kong and the freedom of the education

30/12/2014 INDONESIA
AirAsia QZ8501: "victims" and objects, perhaps plane wreckage sighted in sea
Objects resembling an emergency slide, a plane door, a box, a life jacket and other items, along with bodies of victims have been sighted. A multinational force of 30 ships and 21 aircraft continues to search the Java Sea. Family members and friends of the victims lament lack of information. 2014 to be remembered as the year with the most deaths from plane crashes.
China proposes free trade agreement to Bangladesh
The goal is to improve road and rail connections, especially those through Myanmar. Dhaka relaunches with a proposal for improved connectivity through Chittagong-Cox's Bazar-Myanmar-Kunming.
29/12/2014 CHINA
For the first time, China will not meet five-year plan targets
Trade and investment goals set out in the 2011-2015 plan will not be met. For Chinese economists, the decision by Chinese policymakers to boost quality is behind the trend. For international experts, the very concept of five-year plans is outdated and unworkable.
15/12/2014 VATICAN
For Pope, Catholics should avoid the "sins of the media: disinformation, slander and defamation"
The "tasks" of those involved in social communication include speaking freely, without submissions to politics or economics; choosing the "path of understanding" the whole of reality; and avoiding attention-grabbing the user. "Genuine communication is not concerned with attention-grabbing. Alternating catastrophic alarmism and consolatory detachment - two extremes that we see continually in today's communication - are not a good service media offer to people."
04/12/2014 MYANMAR
Burmese President signs the "shameful law" regulating religion, marriages and family life
The draft law is before Parliament for final approval. It places limits on conversions, constraints on marriage between spouses of different faiths and introduces family planning methods. Activists and civil society criticize: it discriminates against a particular nationality and religion, turns marriage into a "trap".
29/11/2014 VATICAN - TURKEY
Pope: in Turkey, Catholics and Orthodox "brothers in the hope"
At the Ecumenical Patriarchate Pope Francis emphasizes the joy of being together. Together, the successors of Peter and Andrew entered, together they recited the Lord's Prayer, the assembly prayed for both, both gave their blessed, one in Latin and the other in Greek. And Francis asked Bartolomeo to bless him and the Catholic Church.