Papal trips to Asia

Letter from Archbishop of Mosul: Thank you for your aid, supporting the plight of refugees
The donations made through the "Adopt a Christian from Mosul" campaign are used to buy food, warm clothes, blankets for refugees and rent houses or caravans given the early onset of winter and. Two women have defended their Christian faith before the Islamist militants who wanted to convert them, despite the threat of death. A refugee among refugees, Msgr. Nona discovers a new way of being a pastor.
Baghdad, at least 38 dead and dozens wounded in a double bomb attack
A suicide bomber blew himself up near a government checkpoint in Jurf al-Sakhar, 50 km south of the capital. Islamic State terrorists behind the attack on: casualties among government forces and Shiite militias. The second attack took place in the district of Karrada in central Baghdad.
Pope: Jesus builds the Church, which we must enter, not linger on the threshold
When he chose the apostles, they were "all sinners", but Jesus did not look at their sin, but their heart. " We cannot understand the Church without Jesus who prays and heals. May the Holy Spirit help us understand that this Church has its strength is in Jesus’s prayer that can heal us all ". We are citizens of this Church. "If we do not enter this temple, if we are not part of this construction so the Holy Spirit dwells within us, we are not in the Church."
Ukrainian elections: prime minister Yatseniuk’s party takes lead
The results are still provisional. The prime minister is highly unpopular with Moscow, he favors a hard-line to resolve the conflict in the East. The Kremlin considers him Obama’s "puppet". Second place goes to the Poroshenko formation. Talks underway to form a coalition capable of ensuring peace and reform.
More than 100 thousand Rohingya Muslims flee persecution and violence in Myanmar
According to activist groups, the number of "boat people" is increasing. The new exodus began on 15 October with an average of 900 people a day and an estimated 10 thousand in less than two weeks. Government policies aimed at the expulsion of the Muslim minority.