Days of Conclave

Pope Francis encourages Card Zen, "the one who fights with a 'sling'"
After Pope Paul VI's beatification Mass, Hong Kong's Bishop Emeritus met Francis in the parvis. He was prepared to tell the Pope, "Holy Father, I come from the "battlefield" in Hong Kong", but "before I could speak, he laughed and said, 'Ah! Ah! This is the one who fight with a 'sling'. [. . .] He knew David defeated the Giant Goliath. He was encouraging me." Addressing students, he said that neither youth nor force would lead to victory, only God's help will.
Hunan, the return of public trials: crowd of 5 thousand "jeer" criminals
The law explicitly forbids them since 1989, but they have never entirely disappeared. The 24 detainees taken to the local sports hall with signs hanging around their neck with their name and alleged crime. Analysts: "It is a throwback to the days of Mao Zedong".