Vatican - Russian Orthodoxy: return to dialogue

09/10/2014 VIETNAM
Vietnamese Catholic intellectual treated like "a slave" in prison
Jailed for his activism, Francis Dang Xuan Dieu has endured for months beatings and humiliation from other prisoners because he refuses to wear a uniform bearing the word 'criminal'. His brother launches and appeal to get him out of his "hell". Since he was incarcerated, the family has been able to see him only once.
09/10/2014 SYRIA
Fr Hanna released, fate of co-religionists unknown
The Custody of the Holy Land announced the clergyman's release. The friar is now in the convent of Knayeh, the village where he was kidnapped by al Nusra militants.
07/10/2014 SYRIA - TURKEY
Islamic State take Kobane, thousands flee to Turkish border
After days of siege, the militants have occupied three neighborhoods of the town, between Syria and Turkey, raising the black flag on buildings and hills. At least 2 thousand people have fled their homes, seeking shelter across the border. The Kurdish resistance is getting weaker, amid Ankara’s inertia and ineffectiveness of Arab-American air raids.