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For Christian religious leaders in Jerusalem, Easter brings hope for peace in the region

In their traditional Easter message, Christian religious leaders in the Holy Land emphasise that true peace "springs from the Cross and is vindicated by the Resurrection." If peace "does not seek to abolish discrimination between different communities [it] is no peace at all." In their appeal, the religious leaders call on "people of good will" to pray for a resolution to the conflicts.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews) - "The raising of Jesus from the dead by the power of God the Father on the first Easter morning was the ultimate assurance that transformation by the grace of God is always possible, even in the apparently most intractable of human situations," write the Heads of Churches of Jerusalem in their traditional Easter message.

"Here in the Middle East we are acutely conscious of the ravages of violence in places such as Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere, as well as of the struggles of countless thousands of refugees who have been displaced from their homes." Yet, for chrsitian religious leaders in the region, Easter brings hope for peace.

For this reason, "We call upon all Christian people, people of other faiths and in fact all people of goodwill - to pray earnestly for a good outcome from the current Peace Process in the Holy Land, conformity with International law and indeed for peace throughout our troubled world."

"Despite the acute difficulties of the current situation, we would urge all parties to seize this moment of historic opportunity. A peace which does not seek to abolish discrimination between different communities is no peace at all. For peace to be real, it must embrace justice and a desire for reconciliation. Reconciliation between God and humanity, and between people who are opposed to one another, springs from the Cross and is vindicated by the Resurrection.

"May this Easter season bring joy and peace to all people.

"Christ is risen: He is risen indeed! Alleluia!"

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