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Indian Bishops: The Catholic Church will support the new State of Telangana.

Telangana, in Andhra Pradesh, declared the 29th state of India. The Council of Bishops of Andhra Pradesh calls for "fair, inclusive, equitable and sustainable development". Concerns remain over secession, which might impoverish both states.

Hyderabad ( AsiaNews) - The Andhra Pradesh Bishops' Council (APBC) has promised the "full support of the Catholic Church and the Christian community to a fair, inclusive, equitable and sustainable development" of Telangana , which since yesterday is the 29th state of India. Breaking from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana has carved its own legal, territorial and political independence in February, when Parliament passed the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act

With the birth of the new state the APBC becomes the governing body of the Catholic Church for Telangana and Seemandhra as Andhra Pradesh should now be called. In an official statement the bishops promise to "continue to invoke the blessings of God for the Telugu population [ethnic majority, ed] of both states", in the hope that the development of these new territorial entities takes place "with prosperity, peace and harmony".

About 35 million people live in the region of Telangana, that stands on a plateau rich in agricultural resources, but it is also one of the poorest areas of India. It comprises 10 districts of Andhra Pradeshes' 23. The area also includes Hyderabad , the capital, which will be a shared capital for 10 years, after which it will remain in Telangana. Andhra Pradesh will have to develop a new one.

It is this dichotomy that creates many doubts even among the local population. Many fear that this split will only lead to an impoverishment of both states, instead of representing a stimulus for the development of Telangana . (NC)


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