09/14/2015, 00.00
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Bangkok bomb: three arrests in Malaysia. Hunt on for "mastermind" of attack

A Pakistani and two Malaysians (a man and a woman) are suspected of involvement in August bomb attack. The Thai police and Kuala Lumpur are cooperating closely to solve the case. Bangkok issues an arrest warrant for "Izaan", 27, believed to be of ethnic Uyghur origins and to have coordinated the terrorist attack before fleeing to China.

Kuala Lumpur (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Malaysian police have arrested three people in an operation linked to the investigation on the attack in Bangkok on August 17 last. The arrested are a Pakistani man and two Malaysians, a man and a woman. The arrests allegedly took place thanks to a tip of the Thai police.

So far their extradition to Thailand is not planned. The cooperation between the two police forces began in recent days, when Bangkok learned that the suspects had fled to south to Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Thai police have issued an arrest warrant for Abudusataer Abudureheman - also called "Izaan" (or "Ishan") - The man suspected of having organized the bomb attack that caused 20 deaths and more than a hundred wounded in Erawan temple in central Bangkok. The police discovered his identity last week and describe him as a man of 27 years, an ethnic Uyghur, from China.

The suspected Uyghur origins of the alleged offender raises suspicions that the attack is in revenge for  Bangkok’s forced repatriation of  nearly 100 Uyghurs to China at the beginning of July.

Thai police accuse the man of illegal possession of military equipment. Its traces were found in an appartament in Bangkok where chemical material and false passports were also found.

According to witnesses, Izaan left Thailand a few days before the explosion, for China and then Bangladesh. Bangladeshi authorities say the suspect left the country on August 30 with a ticket for a stopover in Delhi, but that he never reached his destination.

Although most of the suspects (12 so far) are alleged foreigners - Turkish and Chinese - Thai police still refuse to treat investigations as an international terrorist attack.

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