10/20/2020, 09.40
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Beheaded teacher: four school students arrested

They reportedly helped the killer to recognize the victim, upon payment of a reward. Among those arrested is the father of a student, who launched an internet campaign against the professor and a famous radical Salafist Islamist, Abdelhakim Sefrioui, who allegedly launched a kind of fatwa against Samuel Paty. Islamic organizations under control. The Sorbonne chosen as the place for the national homage to the teacher's remains.

Paris (AsiaNews) - Four students from the school of Bois d’Aulne, in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, where Samuel Paty, the history professor who was beheaded on October 16 last, taught, have been arrested by French police.

They are suspected of giving directions to Abdullakh Anzarov, the killer - who had come from Evreux and was not a student – to identify the professor. There are rumours that the students received payment for leading the killer to his victim.

A fifth student had been arrested but was later released. There are another 11 arrests along with the student. They include four members of Anzarov's family, the father of a school student, who allegedly started a social media campaign against the professor; a famous radical Salafist Islamist, Abdelhakim Sefrioui who allegedly launched a kind of fatwa against Samuel Paty.

The French Minister of the Interior, Gerard Darmanin has asked the prefect of Seine-Saint Denis to close the Pantin mosque, near the school. On its Facebook page, the mosque had launched a video that denounced Samuel Paty's course on the Mohammed caricatures, calling for the teacher to be "intimidated" and it had published the school address.

The French Muslim world accuses radical Islam and the education transmitted to it by schools as a fertile terrain for this type of terrorism.

Yesterday, Darmanin also assured that he had checked 51 Islamic associative structures to verify if they are spreaders of "hatred" and if they are "enemies of the Republic". These include in particular the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) and BarakaCity, an Islamic NGO founded by Salafist Muslims, whose president Driss Yemmou has been placed in custody. He is suspected of spreading hatred through social networks.

A meeting has also been convened for today between the Ministry of Citizenship and the French delegates of the social network platforms to strengthen the fight against cyber-crime and above all against "cyber-Islamism", which in recent weeks posted various messages against Samuel Paty .

Meanwhile, President Emmanuel Macron has decided that the courtyard of the Sorbonne is the place to celebrate the nation’s homage to the slain professor. The Sorbonne - instead of the Invalides - was chosen because it is a symbolic place of the spirit of the Enlightenment and of teaching.

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