11/29/2017, 10.09
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Beijing, no child sex abuse in pre-schools, but ...

People's Daily excludes instances of child sex abuse among catalogue of abuses in RYB's pre-schools, but police admit that some of the recordings are damaged. A 22-year-old teacher was arrested for using needles on baby's body.

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The police investigation into likely abuses of small children at RYB pre-schools has failed to find evidence that children have been sexually abused, according to the People's Daily, the official voice of the Chinese Communist Party.

The newspaper emphasizes that the police have checked over 113 hours of monitored video and found no evidence of sexual abuse of children. But the police admit that some parts of the recordings are damaged and it is impossible to verify them.

In recent days, parental groups had appeared in front of RYB Education pre-schools after having discovered signs of needle pricks on their baby's body, stories about being naked for punishment or "naked doctors," strange pills and syrups given to them to make the little ones fall asleep.

The police confirm that one of the teachers, named Li, was arrested for using needles on children; the pre-school director will be removed.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officials have imprisoned a 31-year-old woman for posting an online accusation of sexual abuse. Another woman, for the same reasons, was punished.

The RYB kindergarten scandal is the latest in a long series of violence against children in kindergartens and schools.

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