10/26/2012, 00.00
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Bo Xilai heads for trial: expelled from the Chinese Parliament

Former Secretary of Chongqing loses his immunity as a Assembly member. He will be investigated for the murder scandal of the British entrepreneur Neil Heywood. B’s wife and his closes collaborator already tried for the murder. 18th Party Congress opens November 8.

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The National People's Congress has removed Bo Xilai, former party secretary of Chingqing, from his position as deputy. With this move, the politician loses his immunity and shall be prosecuted for his involvement in the scandal linked to the murder of British entrepreneur Neil Heywood and a series of bribes. So far, the only people convicted of such offenses are Bo's wife and his former right-hand man. Significantly, the decision of the Chinese Parliament comes little more than a week ahead of the 18th Party Congress, which opens on November 8 and will see the transition of power from the Fourth to the Fifth Generation.

By the end of September, the Chinese Communist Party had decided to expel the "prince", stating that Bo "has abused his powers of office, committed serious errors and carries the major responsibility of this episode. His actions have created serious repercussions and have damaged the reputation of the Party and the State. "

In what many consider the greatest scandal ever experienced by the Chinese leadership over the past 30 years, for a long time Bo was "only" a shadow behind his wife Kailai Gu and Wang Lijun, former police chief of Chongqing. According to the reconstruction of the murder, Wang discovered the poisoning of the British entrepreneur by Gu: at first, the man concealed the evidence of the murder, and then disclosed it to Bo. In response, he was beaten. The former police chief escaped by hiding in the U.S. consulate in Chengdu, where he applied for asylum. No longer able to ignore it, the leadership arrested Wang and Gu Kailai, forcing Bo to resign from his post as secretary.

In August, Gu Kailai was sentenced to the death penalty (suspended for two years, ed.) In September, Wang was tried and sentenced to 15 years.

The fall of Bo Xilai is part of the political reshuffling that is reshaping communist politics by opposing factions of leadership. November 8, the opening of the 18th General Congress of the Party, will mark the end of the government of Hu Jintao and the birth of the "fifth generation" of leaders led by Xi Jinping, the current vice president. Due to his policies of populism, statism and Maoist revival, Bo was about to enter the Politburo Standing Committee, the 9 members (which will be reduced to 7) who - in fact - rule the country.


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