03/09/2016, 09.37
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Caixin magazine censored for demanding freedom of speech

The magazine is well known nationwide for its financial reporting. Frowned upon by the authorities, it has always managed to survive thanks to the support and respect of its readers. Interview with a delegate who calls for "free speech” at the National People’s Congress deleted. In response, the magazine publishes an article describing Party censorship.

Beijing (AsiaNews) – In a rare move, China’s Caixin magazine has published an article denouncing censorship of the authorities and the deletion of an interview on the freedom of speech. It is a very unusual case of a challenge to the authorities by the national press, the vast majority of which is at the service or under the direct control of the Communist Party. The newspaper is known throughout the country for its coverage of economic and financial issues. Frowned upon by the authorities, it has always managed to survive thanks to the support and respect of its readers.

The text published on 7 March contained an interview with Jiang Hong, a delegate to the Chinese People 's Political Consultative Conference, taking place these days in the capital. In it, the deputy calls for members of the assembly to be allowed to "speak freely." The politician said that "because of "certain events, everyone is a bit dazed and doesn't want to talk too much." The interview was published on 5 March.

The Cyberspace Administration of China first deleted the article online, and later contacted the newspaper to warn them that the interview "has illegal content violating the law and regulations". When asked, Jiang called the censorship "terrible. I cannot understand how it was illegal. " However, the Caixin did not give up and published everything two days after censorship. This second text, which appeared on the English version of the site, was first blocked and later deleted altogether.

In February 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the editorial offices of the major national newspapers. This tour seems to confirm his desire, announced by several analysts, to enslave the entire national media. In fact, the communist leader has repeatedly asked journalists to "ally with the government" to defeat "Western values ​​[such as freedom of the press - ed] unsuitable for Chinese society".

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