08/07/2018, 10.33
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China bans Winnie the Pooh film

by Wang Zhicheng

No reason for the ban. The suspicion is that the image of the bear "offends" the cult of of Xi Jinping.

Beijing (AsiaNews) - The Chinese film authorities have banned the release of the new Disney movie on Winnie the Pooh. The film, "Christopher Robin", is a family film, which tells the story of a man who as an adult finds himself with his childhood bear.

No explanation was given for the move, but many in the country think that the exclusion is due to the ongoing censorship of the figure of the little bear, compared many times to the fat President Xi Jinping

It all started in 2013, when a photo of Xi walking along with the then president Barack Obama was posted in social media, compared to one in which Winnie the Pooh appears together with the character Tigger (see photo 2).

In 2014, a picture of Xi shaking hands with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was placed next to one of Pooh with Eeyore (photo 3).

Thus, while in the country the cult of personality grew for Xi, called "the heart of leadership", censorship began to block and erase all references to the bear from the web.

The Hollywood reporter claims that the non-release of the film on Winnie the Pooh can only be due to the fact that the authorities in China allow the release only a certain number of foreign films every year. And maybe the movie on the bear was one too many.

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