11/13/2019, 16.49
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Chinese university members slam abuses, demand an apology from police

Teachers, staff and students issue an urgent appeal. Yesterday, clashes injured at least 60 people. “We strongly demand the Hong Kong Police Force exercise restraint in their operations and cease to use force excessively and unnecessarily,” the statement reads.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews) – Teachers, staff, students and alumni at the Chinese University of Hong Kong accuse Hong Kong police of provocations, abuses and excessive use of force the day after their campu was the scene of violent clashes. In an urgent appeal, the university community expresses "deep concerns and anger" for the conduct of the agents, describes what happened, and calls on the police to apologise to the university.

We are teachers, staff, students and alumni of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We express our deepest concerns and anger at the Hong Kong Police's operations on the campus of our university.

On 11 November, riot police stationed themselves within and around our campus, provoking students to escalate their actions and accused students of unlawful assembly, followed by arrests. They also entered the campus without proper search warrants or clear targets.

On 12 November, the police used teargas and rubber bullets on campus indiscriminately and at an excessive rate. Further, immediately after attempts by the President of the university, Professor Rocky Tuan, to communicate with students and negotiate with the police force, the latter fired teargas targeting the President and students.

The police also refused a ceasefire after many requests by the management of the university, causing injuries to numerous students.

According to information from the Land Registry, the university campus is private land granted by the government (Lot no.: STTL 437 RP & Ext Thereto) and the Hong Kong Police must observe the relevant laws and regulations when they attempt to enter the university campus.

It must also be reiterated that the Chinese University has the right to defend and maintain peace within the campus area.

We strongly demand the Hong Kong Police Force exercise restraint in their operations and cease to use force excessively and unnecessarily. We also demand an apology to the university from the police force.

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