05/01/2019, 10.34
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Clashes between students and police. Young people deceived with false diplomas

Two young students were injured in the legs.  All documentation of clashes on social media deleted.  The young people had registered to become nurses and instead at the end of the course they find themselves with scores in home economics.  In China, schools of corrupt inspiration can be opened, but no schools of religious inspiration.

Nanjing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Students furious at having been dupped clashed with police and security personnel at the Nanjing Institute of Applied Technology.  Two students were injured in the legs.

The students had documented the clashes - which took place last Friday, April 26th - on social media, but the police deleted everything.  Instead, the police have published an official statement accusing the youth of having "created unrest among the students, destroying doors and windows".

Tensions began when the students, almost at the end of their studies, learned that the course did not qualify them to be nurses - as was promised at the beginning - but gave scores in home economics.

The discovery led to the rebellion of the students and their parents, later quelled by the police.

The scandal of fake diplomas and promises emerged last April 23, when students were warned that to receive a nurse's diploma, they had to move to the Yingtian Vocational College.  But in previous years, the Nanjing Institute had invited enrollment primising a diploma at the end of the studies.

Now students who want to complete their studies, will have to enroll in Yingtian and pay 16 thousand yuan a year (about 2200 euros).

In China education is a field under the responsibility of the state.  In recent decades it has allowed the birth of many schools to meet the new needs of the economy.  Permits to open new schools have become a new source of corruption.  On the other hand, the government does not in any way allow schools of religious inspiration to be opened, given that religions teach "falsehood" and are still to be considered the "opium of the people".

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