04/09/2020, 10.32
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Coronavirus: PIME opens emergency fund to help countries where our missionaries are

We are all very concerned about what is happening in Italy with the Coronavirus emergency. But even if right, solidarity towards those who are on the frontlines in our country must not close our eyes to the fact that this terrible epidemic is now global. Including those where our missionaries operate, where often there are no essential services which are vital in stopping the spread of the infection and in treating its first symptoms.

We are beginning to receive very disturbing news from our missionaries on the ground. This is why the Pime Onlus Foundation has decided to launch the Emergency Fund "S140 - CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY IN THE WORLD" asking for help from its benefactors. All of the donations we receive will be destined for the missionaries to intervene in their territories to prevent the disease from having even more disastrous effects in the peripheries of the world.

Because this pandemic is teaching us that we can only tackle it by taking care of each other. We must not forget those who are facing it today with even fewer resources than we have.

You can donate directly at this link or with the usual payment methods to the PIME Foundation, under the fundraising campaign "S140 EMERGENZACORONAVIRUS IN THE WORLD".



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