03/08/2018, 16.09
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Dhaka: Catholic businesswoman gets award for best jute products

by Sumon Corraya

Bertha Gity Baroi heads CORR-The Jute Works, an organisation set up by Caritas to help women widowed during the country’s War of Independence. It works with more than 6,000 people, mostly Muslims and Hindus.

Dhaka (AsiaNews) – Bertha Gity Baroi, a Catholic woman, received an award for best businesswoman in jute products in Bangladesh. She was not alone. Ten other business executives received awards.

Ms Gity Baroi received the prize directly from Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who addressed the laureates, to thank them for using locally grown material. In Bangladesh, jute is known as the country’s ‘golden fibre’.

The award ceremony was held on National Jute Day at this year’s Diversified Jute Fair in Dhaka. The three-day gathering showcased everything related to jute, from the cultivation of the plant from which jute is derived to the research associated with it, as well as the marketing of jute products.

"Jute is one of the valuable assets of Bangladesh,” the Prime Minister said. It offers “diversified exportable goods with a huge potential.”

Bertha Gity Baroi is the director of CORR-The Jute Works (CJW), which is linked to Caritas Bangladesh.

Speaking to AsiaNews, she said that more than 6,000 people are involved with the organisation, mostly of them Muslims and Hindus.

The initiative, she explained, "has helped thousands of people to change their socio-economic situation.”

With some 50 developed countries importing CJW products, “I am very happy for this recognition. It will inspire me and our co-workers."

The CJW was founded in 1971 by the Christian Organisation for Relief and Rehabilitation (CORR), which later became Caritas Bangladesh.

Its purpose was to support and help war widows and victims as well as marginalised rural women become independent following the country’s war of independence.

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