02/22/2010, 00.00
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Dishonesty in the education system leads to the moral decay of youth

by Quang Dung
Concerned only with reporting their "achievements " to superiors, education officials worry little about the formation of young people. At the end of 2009, thousands of false reports from public schools.

Ho Chi Minh City (AsiaNews) - In recent times, the educational system of Vietnam has been driven by people looking for "achievements" to report to their superiors. This has led to a lack of honesty and moral crisis that has led to the decay of youth.   The management of education, exams, content and methods of teaching has declined in quality. But worse than the lack of honesty, is their spreading of lies in the lives of children and young people. This happens in public agencies, employment agencies, families and the entire society.  

"My university - says Tran, specializing in the Sociology Faculty of Social Sciences - has sent me to attend an advanced course in sociology. After graduating, I want to teach social work at my university. Now, most of the teachers of social work are unqualified or have no experience in the field. We students do not even have textbooks" .  

A university professor Van Hien, for his part, says he does not understand "why the task of the assistants of the theses of students depends on the head of the Psychology Department of the University. He or she has no right to examine the quality of student work. In fact, most of the arguments of the thesis has little chance of being fully implemented in society. "

Le, a student of the Institute of administrative management in Ho Chi Minh City points out: "I pay 3200  dollars for the higher level course which has nine core subjects and two optional subjects. The total time of the study is only 22 days in a year. The Institute cooperates with American Adam and Paramount universities. But, while studying, I read on the website of the Ministry of Education that 'Dr. Mark A. Ashill, Institute of International Education (IID), who works in Vietnam, said that the Paramout University is one of six private universities that are not valued for their quality. This falsity of the Institute has disappointed me”.

It is well known that "at the end of 2009, thousands of state school's whole annual reports are false. Due to the fact that the school directors are only concerned with their ‘achievements’. This causes a lack of honesty, which has a bad influence on children and young people. " One high school student told AsiaNews - I know that trust and honesty are necessary, but I see people who live honestly suffer."

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