19 February 2018
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  • » 01/23/2018, 09.28


    Editor Gui Minhai 'kidnapped' once again by the police, in front of two Swedish diplomats

    Gui is one of five publishers-booksellers kidnapped by the Chinese police in 2015. He was released last October, after a videotaped "confession". He was going to the Swedish embassy, ​​perhaps to emigrate. But his relatives live in Ningbo (Zhejiang) and could be used as "hostages" to force him into silence.

    Hong Kong (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Gui Minhai, one of the publishers-booksellers who disappeared two years ago in the hands of the Chinese police, was once again kidnapped by policemen from China, while on a train travelling to Beijing in the company of two diplomats Swedes.

    According to the New York Times, Gui was travelling to the  Swedish embassy in the capital for a medical examination. Gui is also a Swedish citizen and suffers from lateral amyotrophic sclerosis.

    Gui’s daughter, Angela, who is campaigning in favor of her father from Great Britain, confirmed his abduction, which took place near the train station in Beijing. The Swedish embassy also confirms the incident.

    Gui had disappeared in police custody two years ago, along with four other publishers-booksellers who were printing books in Hong Kong on the private lives of Beijing's leaders and selling them in China. Some of them were kidnapped in Hong Kong, putting in crisis the territory’s much preached "great autonomy". The five later reappeared in China, and state TV said they were "voluntarily" in China. Some of them "confessed" crimes of the past. Gui had confessed to a road crime that occurred 10 years ago.

    Released last October, Gui lived in Ningbo (Zhejiang) with his family. According to his daughter Angela, he is under continuous control.

    Some of Gui’S friends think that he was going to Beijing to renew his Swedish passport and to study the possibility of emigrating. But - they say - if Guo's family members remain in China, it will always be possible for the authorities to use them as "hostages" to guarantee Guo's silence on the affairs of the leadership.

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    Stockholm against Beijing, demands the release of book publisher Gui Minhai

    Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström issued the demand. China’s Foreign Ministry responded saying it did not know where the prisoner was, but suggested he broke the law. Party-controlled Global Times also cast doubts about him. Stockholm’s stance is something new. Human rights violations tend not to be reported and China cares little about international reactions.

    18/01/2016 08:59:00 CHINA - HONG KONG
    China, one of five publishers disappeared "confessed" on TV. But does not add up

    Official media have launched intensive slash to one the missing bookseller Gui Minhai. Gui was accused driving death and fleeing to foreign countries. Lee Bo's new letter also accused Gui. Netizens suspect the report. 

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    For the first time since he went missing, the founder of Causeway Bay Bookshop appeared on pro-Beijing Phoenix TV, saying that he went to mainland China of his own free will to cooperate in an investigation. Three company employees have already "confessed." Confession is becoming the weapon of choice to defame dissidents.

    11/01/2016 HONG KONG
    Thousands of Hong Kongers take to the streets against “cross-border abductions"
    At least 3,500 people marched to the Chinese government's liaison office to demand the release of five people critical of mainland China, who disappeared in late December. Growing suspicions points the finger at mainland authorities.

    20/01/2016 12:53:00 CHINA – SWEDEN
    Swedish activist for human rights in China “confesses" on television after his arrest

    Peter Dahlin was arrested early in the new year. In his “confession” on state television he said he was involved in "instigat[ing] confrontations" and gathering information to produce "distorted" reports. He founded an NGO that helps human rights lawyers and provides legal aid to rural areas. In China, the situation of the rule of law is more and more critical, even for non-Chinese.

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