11/19/2012, 00.00
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Guizhou, to take refuge from the cold 5 children die in a dumpster

China's enormous wealth does not reach the weaker sections of the population: in Bijie a scavenger discovers 5 corpses between 7 and 13 years of age. They slept in the trash near a construction site to avoid the night chill, they died of carbon monoxide poisioning.

Beijing (AsiaNews/Agencies) - A scavenger of the southwestern city of Bijie (Guizhou Province) found five street children dead in a dumpster. According to the local press, which reported the news yesterday, the children had taken refuge in the garbage to find refuge from the night cold: they allegedly have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. They were all between 7 and 13. Authorities are currently trying to discover the victims' identity: three have been identified, for the other two there is still no confirmation.

According to local witnesses, the group had chosen the dumpster - 1.5 meters high by 1.3 meters wide - as a refuge from the cold but also as a home for at least the past couple of days. Nearby there is a construction site that emits heat especially at night, when the temperature drops to 6 degrees Celsius.

In recent days, the five had been seen playing with a ball made of trash on the streets in the area: some internet users have criticized the victims' parents, while others have blamed the local government.

According to some, China's economic growth, much-lauded during the last Communist Congress, fails to reach the most vulnerable populations and stops at party officials and large and medium-sized capitalists, who are increasingly numerous but still not comparable the majority of the population.



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