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Guizhou: police target protesters calling for release of a poet close to Occupy Central

Members of the (banned) Guizhou Human Rights Forum, which promoted a fundraiser for the poet Wang Zang, are targeted. He has been in prison since last October, for having sympathized with the democratic movement in Hong Kong. The security forces in the province carried out detentions, searches and checks.

Beijing (AsiaNews) - The authorities of Guizhou Province, in southwest China, have made a series of raids against activists of a pro human rights group, for having gathered in public, sympathized with and promoted a fundraiser for poet Wang Zang. He has been in prison since last October for supporting the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement Occupy Central. According to reports from the activist Li Renke, interviewed by Radio Free Asia (RFA), now the group of friends, colleagues and activists of Guizhou has come under fire from the communist government, accused of having "broken safety laws ".

Without any warrant, police raided the house of the poet Mo Jiangang, a member of the (banned) Guizhou Human Rights Forum, and brought the man to the police station, confiscating his computers and mobile phone. He was targeted by authorities for posting an article, "sympathizing with the [arrested] poet Wang Zang".

Fin dal suo atto costitutivo, nel 2005, il Guizhou Human Rights Forum è stato oggetto di continua sorveglianza da parte delle forze di sicurezza, i suoi membri prelevati per interrogatori o arrestati. Nel dicembre 2011 la messa al bando da parte delle autorità provinciali. Al momento uno dei suoi iscritti, Mei Chongbiao, risulta "disperso", mentre Liao Shuangyuan, Wu Yuqin e lo stesso Li Renke  sono sotto "stretta sorveglianza". 

In un tweet postato sul web Mo Jiangang ha ribadito il proprio sostegno al poeta cinese Wang Zang, in carcere dal primo ottobre per aver sostenuto il movimento pro-democrazia di Hong Kong. "Il 19 gennaio ho espresso la mia vicinanza a nome del Guizhou Human Rights Forum al poeta Wang Zang - ha scritto Mo - e [le autorità] hanno considerato il mio gesto come un'infrazione della legge". 

Since its incorporation, in 2005, the Guizhou Human Rights Forum has been the subject of continuous monitoring by the security forces, its members taken for interrogation or arrested. In December 2011, they were banned by the provincial authorities. One of its members, Mei Chongbiao, is still "missing", while Liao Shuangyuan, Wu Yuqin and the same Li Renke are under "strict supervision."

In a tweet posted on the web Mo Jiangang reiterated his support for the Chinese poet Wang Zang, in jail since October 1 for supporting the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. " On Jan. 19, I expressed support on behalf of the Guizhou Human Rights Forum for the poet Wang Zang, and they thought this was against the law - wrote Mo.

The Guizhou activists even held a fundraiser to help the imprisoned poet, to cover his legal costs. According to his lawyer, he has been subjected to torture and ill-treatment by prison authorities. An initiative that has put Chinese security forces on alert prompting them to tighten control over the activities of the group members.


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