10/02/2019, 17.18
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Hong Kong policeman "intended to kill". For Xinhua, he did the right thing

by Paul Wang

Increasingly, protesters see the police as "agents of the dictatorship" and pledge to resist. Unplanned protests break out followed by arrests. The police justify the use of lethal force. Indonesian journalist hit by police bullet will lose an eye. Yesterday, 1,400 tear gas canisters were fired and 269 people, aged 12 to 71 years, were arrested.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews) – A group of protesters from various student associations have accused the police officer who shot at and hit a student in the chest of doing so with the intention to kill.

At a press briefing, the group said that the officer ignored all regulations, which allow him to discharge his weapon only if his life is in danger.

According to witnesses, the 18-year-old victim, Tsang Tzs-kin, was only trying to defend himself from violent police attacks.

As further evidence that the policeman wanted to kill, bullet fragments were found only three centimetres away from the victim’s heart.

Although Tsang is now in stable condition, the incident has sparked more complaints of excessive police violence against protesters.

Until now, the anti-extradition movement had called for an independent inquiry into police violence. Increasingly, the policemen are now seen as "agents of the dictatorship" to be resisted.

Today many schools have gone on strike to denounce the shooting. A spontaneous protest broke in Central. In various parts of the city, police clashed with protesters. At least 117 people were injured with five in serious conditions.

In his daily press briefing, police spokesman Tang Ping-keung defended the action of his colleague who fired yesterday, saying that he tried to defend himself and had no intention of killing and that the use of lethal force was "appropriate".

China’s official news agency Xinhua also came to the policeman’s defence, stating that the use of live ammunition was " was totally legal, legitimate and appropriate" blaming the “rioters” who are "a tumour of violence" that must be "cut out".

Meanwhile, it appears that Indonesian journalist hit by a policeman with a rubber bullet from close range will lose an eye.

According to some media reports, yesterday 1st October, National Mourning Day, police fired 1,400 tear gas canisters, 900 rubber rounds, six live ammunitions, used two water cannons and arrested 269 people, aged 12 to 71 years.

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