12/19/2017, 09.26
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Hua Yong released on bail: under surveillance, but able to celebrate daughter's birthday

The artist and human rights activist had released a video in which he wished his daughter a happy birthday, just before being arrested. He was released on condition that he appear at regular intervals at a police station in the city where he was born and that he submitt to re-education.

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The artist Hua Yong, arrested four days ago for posting videos about the destruction and expulsions on the outskirts of Beijing, was released last night. Hua Yong had published a video on social media in which he, before being arrested and with the police at the door, had wished a happy birthday to his two-year-old daughter, saying that he was also ready to die for a better China for his daughter and for his wife.

Yesterday evening, Hua's activist friends posted images of him embracing his daughter, to celebrate the child's birthday, along with a photo of a document stating that the artist is released on bail, and is accused of "gathering people to disturb traffic".

The journalist Gao Yu, who has also been arrested in the past, told Rfa that Hua’s bail conditions include being under police surveillance for a year, while the charges against him remain. "He will be forced to appear at regular intervals at a police station in the city where he was born and must submit to re-education. He cannot leave his country of origin without police permission".

Wang Aizhong, a human rights activist says it is very likely that the release of Hua after almost two days of arrest is an attempt by the government to divert public attention from the mass expulsions of migrant workers that is taking place in Beijing.

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