01/13/2021, 09.37
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Israeli raids in Syria kill 5 government soldiers and 11 pro-Iranian militiamen

A series of attacks hit targets in the eastern sector of the country, from Deir Ezzor to the Boukamal desert, on the border with Iraq. Victims include Iranian Pasdaran, Lebanese from Hezbollah and the Fatimid Brigade. In 2020, the Israeli air force struck Syrian territory 50 times.

Damascus (AsiaNews / Agencies) - A series of night raids by Israeli air forces hit military depots and posts in the eastern sector of Syria, killing at least five regular army soldiers and 11 other allied militia fighters in Damascus.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports Israeli fighter jets carried out over 18 attacks against multiple targets.

The raids, like others in the recent weeks with victims and wounded, is the eastern area of ​​the country that goes from the town of Deir Ezzor to the Boukamal desert, near the border with Iraq.

In addition to government soldiers, 11 allied fighters belonging to the Iranian Pasdaran, the Lebanese of Hezbollah and the Fatimid Brigade, which also includes pro-Tehran Afghan fighters, were reportedly killed in the raid even if there is no official confirmation of their nationality.

The official Syrian news agency Sana reported the attack, without providing further details. "At 1 and 10 am - reads a note - the Israeli enemy carried out a series of attacks on the city of Deir Ezzor and the Boukamal region". Citing a military source, the statement adds that "the result of the attack is subject to evaluation".

It was the second Israeli air force military operation in Syria in less than a week. Previously, the fighters had hit some positions in the south of the country and south of the capital, Damascus, on 7 January, killing three pro-Iranian militiamen.

In the past, Israel has been able to carry out numerous attacks on Syrian and Lebanese territory, thanks to the green light received by US President Donald Trump, who during the four years of his mandate has formed a strong alliance with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In Syria alone, 50 operations against strategic targets were recorded in 2020 according to Israeli military sources. We expect to understand what will be the policies of the new administration led by Democrat Joe Biden who, according to some, could reopen the negotiating table and change the framework of alliances and balances in the Middle East sector.

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