08/28/2019, 09.48
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Korea tensions benefit US weapons industry: 3.3 billion in missiles forTokyo

This month Pyongyang carried out seven tests on new short-range ballistic missiles. Japan will purchase up to 73 SM-3 Block IIA missiles, manufactured by the US Raytheon. Launched by warships, they are able to intercept incoming missiles. Seoul is also spending: 31 torpedoes on the way.



Tokyo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The United States has approved the sale to Japan of $ 3.3 billion in anti-ballistic missile technology. The agreement follows the recent series of tests that North Korea  conducted on its arsenal. According to some experts, the missiles launched in recent weeks by Pyongyang represent a potential threat to Tokyo which, together with South Korea, represents one of Washington's most important allies in the region.

The US Department of Defense announced yesterday that Japan will purchase up to 73 SM-3 Block IIA missiles (photos), manufactured by Raytheon. These - the Pentagon explained - are designed to be launched by warships through the Aegis system and are able to intercept incoming ballistic missiles.

The sale comes as North Korea tries to expand its offensive war capabilities. In the last two years, Pyongyang has shown that it is capable of launching potentially nuclear-pronged medium and long-range ballistic missiles, which could affect both Japan and the United States.

This month Pyongyang carried out seven tests on new short-range ballistic missiles, at least one of which flew far enough to reach Japan. The Pentagon has also approved new arms sales to Hungary, South Korea, Lithuania and Denmark, for a total value of another 943 million dollars. Seoul will purchase 31 MK 54 light torpedoes, designed for launch by Boeing P-8 Poseidons, maritime patrol aircraft.

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