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London seeks new investments from Beijing

Premier Brown aims to increase China-Britain trade by 30%. Pressure on human rights and issues of world politics.

Beijing (AsiaNews) –British premier Gordon Brown has forecast a 30% increase in trade with China by 2010.  Brown, on his first state visit to Beijing, says he will also raise the issues of human rights and democracy.

In a press conference held together with his counterpart Wen Jiabao, he declared his desire for substantial new investment in China.  The two leaders have agreed to increase trade to 60 billion US dollars by 2010, from the 40 billion reached in 2007.  The target areas will be education, climate change and research into clean energy.

Brown suggested that Chinese investment be managed by China Investment Corp,  the state company that controls the 200 billion dollars of the Chinese state reserve.  Before his departure, Brown was called on by Amnesty international and Human Rights Watch to demand greater guarantees on human rights issues in the lead up to the Olympic Games.  In a press conference Wen declared that China “is committed to promoting democracy” and the people of China will be able to “gradually” exercise an “ever greater degree of participation in political affairs and democratic elections”.

Issues of world politics have presented various problems:  Iran, Darfur and Myanmar. Great Britain maintains that it sanctions against Iran are necessary to stop Tehran’s nuclear program; China instead has boycotted the sanctions and demanded increased dialogue.  On the issue of Darfur, western governments have frequently accused China of selling arms to Sudan and of obstructing UN initiatives.  Lastly on Myanmar, while London pusher for an embargo, China has never condemned the military junta for its violent repression of recent revolts.

mentre Londra spinge verso l’embargo, la Cina non ha mai condannato la giunta militare per la soppressione delle manifestazioni e delle rivolte dei mesi scorsi.








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