19 October 2017
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  • » 08/13/2012, 00.00


    Mole indicted in Vatileaks case, accomplices not excluded

    The pope's personal butler Paolo Gabriele is charged with aggravated burglary. A cheque, a gold nugget and a 16th century book donated to Benedict XVI were among the stolen items found in his apartment. A computer expert working in the Secretariat of State is charged as an accessory.

    Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Vatican Judge Piero Antonio Bonnet has indicted the pope's personal butler Paolo Gabriele (pictured) for aggravated theft. The latter has been under arrest since 23 May for stealing private papers from Benedict XVI's apartments.  The indictment was made public today along with the formal charges laid by the promoter of justice, Nicola Picardi.

    The indictment has three new elements. First, a second person, Claudio Sciarpelletti is under investigation. A computer expert working in the Secretariat of State, he was arrested on 25 May and released the following day but is still charged as an accessory to the fact. Second, a search of Mr. Gabriele's flat found other purloined items besides documents, including a cheque dated 26 March 2012 for 100,000 Euros (US$ 123,000) from the Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Guadalupe) made out to the pope, a golden nugget given to His Holiness by ARU Director Guido del Castillo in Lima (Peru), and a 16th century edition of Virgil's Aeneid translated by Annibal Caro published in Venice in 1581, a gift from families in Pomezia. Thirdly, Paolo Gabriele underwent psychiatric evaluation.

    Fr Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, said the butler was examined because of the discrepancy between what people say about him, "an intelligent person, well-behaved and religious" and "his confession, backed by material evidence that suggests he committed a serious offence."

    The examination was also motivated by what the promoter of justice said in the formal charges with regards to Gabriele's motives. "The investigation shows that Gabriele saw himself and still sees himself as sent by Providence to act as a 'mole' for the Holy Spirit in the place were the most important decisions are made so as to 'bring the Church back to the right path,' as he himself said during questioning on 5 June (Doc. N. 46). He appears to have a negative view on certain issues and about people involved in scams and abuses."

    Speaking about leaked stolen documents, published in a book titled His Holiness by Gianluigi Nuzzi, the accused said, "I chose Nuzzi as interlocutor because of the impression he gave me in his book Vatican Inc. I trusted him because he seemed interested in informing without lying or dragging people through the mud." Gabriele said that he did not receive "any money or benefits" for these documents.

    Significantly, Judge Bonnet said that the investigation "has not yet shed light on all the aspects of the case under investigation."

    As Fr Lombardi noted, Vatican magistrates "neither affirm nor exclude the possibility that Paolo Gabriele had accomplices" or that "a formal request" may be made to foreign courts. (FP)


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    Vatileaks: trial opens, it will be short Msgr. Gaenswein will testify
    In the hearing - which lasted two hours and 15 minutes - it emerged that 82 boxes of material was collected at the home of Paolo Gabriele, the Pope’s former butler charged with aggravated theft. Case of Sciarpelletti, the Secretary of State computer expert, accused of aiding and abetting, adjourned to a later date. The court has wide powers and can also request further investigation. If during the hearings new criminal offenses emerge, the case will return to the Promoter of Justice, who will decide whether to begin a criminal prosecution. Judges do not exclude possibility of recourse to results of investigation carried out by Commission of Cardinals appointed by the Pope, even if unlikely.

    23/10/2012 VATICAN
    Vatileaks: Gabriele damaged the Pope and the Church, he acted alone, but investigation continues
    Sentence of Benedict XVI’s former butler published, given one year and six months' in prison. Papal pardon "possible and probable". On November 5, Sciarpelletti trial. Indications given to Gabriel from his "spiritual father," Don Giovanni Luzi, to deny responsibility "reprehensible". There was "no external force that moved him to criminal action."

    06/10/2012 VATICAN
    Vatileaks: Gabriele sentenced to eighteen months in prison, he acted alone
    He was found guilty of aggravated theft, the granting of extenuating circumstances. The defense lawyer describes sentence as "balanced". Gabriele: "The thing that I feel strong within me is the belief that I acted exclusively out of love, I would say visceral love, for Christ's Church and its visible head on earth. That 's what I feel. I repeat, I am not a thief. "

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