02/11/2012, 00.00
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Monk Gambira, leader of the Saffron Revolution, free again

The authorities had yesterday detained him "for questioning". First released only a month ago, Gambira has spent the past three years in prison for leading protests by monks against the Burmese government.
Yangon (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The Burmese Shin monk Gambira has been released. Yesterday morning the authoritieshad taken the leader of the Saffron Revolution from the monastery in Yangon, for inquiries. Released only a month ago after three years of imprisonment, Gambira had violated his terms of probation by trying to reopen the three monasteries, sealed by the authorities following protests by Burmese monks in 2007.

For leading the Saffron Revolution, bloodily repressed by the military junta, a court had sentenced Gambira to 68 years in prison. A month ago, President Thein Shein has ordered the release of hundreds of prominent political prisoners – including the monk - in an attempt to rehabilitate the junta and Myanmar in the eyes of the international community.

Since his release, Shin Gambira has repeatedly violated his terms of probation, raiding monasteries closed by the authorities, giving interviews or much criticism against the political leadership.

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