04/30/2018, 11.51
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Mumbai, a gathering for peace in support of women and children victims of violence

The demonstration will take place tomorrow in the six deaneries of the local Church. The memory of 14 stories of violence during the Good Friday Via Crucis. "While Christ on the Cross is a symbol of victory, Mary at the foot of the cross is a symbol of courage, strength and resilience of the female gender".

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - A "gathering for peace" to support women and girls who are victims of injustice, abuse and violence. This is the initiative organized by the archdiocese of Mumbai that will take place in the six deaneries of the local Church tomorrow May 1st.

The gatherings will take place at the same time in the archiepiscopal residences of Raigad, New Bombay, Bhayandar, South Bombay, Thane and Central Surburbs, from 5 to 6 pm (local time). The message that will unite the manifestations is: "Because we are brothers and sisters, because we can transform the situation through our presence, prayer and action. Because we care ".

The initiative falls in a moment of particular upheaval in India, where stories of sexual violence and mistreatment of small, helpless girls have been reported for weeks. Among the major supporters of the cause of women and girls is Fr. Magi Murzello, Rector of St. Andrew's College and principal of St. Andrew's School.

On Good Friday he organized a Way of the Cross dedicated to women and against abuses against them. This year, in the 14 stations where the passion and crucifixion of Christ is commemorated, the educator presented the stories of 14 women who have rebelled against violence and spent their lives to raise awareness about  the fate of other victims.

The priest explains to AsiaNews that "they are women 'Sheroes' (ie: she-heros, female heroines), victims of acid attacks, domestic violence, rape, infanticide, trafficking, 'honor killings'. They are people who have had the strength to gather the pieces of their life and move on ".

He adds that Christians: "must oppose the destructive forces towards women and girls, and celebrate their courage to dominate [such forces]. The Catholic Church has always been at the forefront of women's security, defense and emancipation ". Then he recalls that "while Christ on the cross is a symbol of victory, Mary at the foot of the cross is a symbol of courage, strength and resilience of the female gender". (NC)

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